Find out what eye makeup suits each eye shape

eye shape

Eyes are the only part of the body that cannot hide a person’s true feelings in front of others, and so unlike the rest of the other parts of the body , the “eyes” reflect the personality (that sadness is reflected in the eyes and the joy reflected in eyes, love is also reflected in .. and so on ..) And because not everybody’s eyes are the same, let’s find out what  eye shape do you have and what eye makeup goes with each one.

Round eyes:

eye shape

the eyes look like a perfect circle and often with short eyebrows. For this reason, make sure to put in first light-colored eyes shadows, If you want, use a taupe or bronze eyeliner on the waterline as it will neither elongate nor accentuate the roundness of your eyes. Lastly, applying individual lashes, or corner lashes, to the outer corner will draw even more attention there.

Hooded eyes:

eye shape

When you look at the hooded eyes, it gives an impression of sadness because they are curved down.
The role of make-up in this case is making them look wider, with the help of mascara, eyelashes, this eye shape will look “awake”. One of the key components in hooded eyes makeup is eyeliner. And when you are drawing out the winged eyeliner, draw it slowly and carefully while looking straight forward.

Always remember to end drawing your eyeliner with a base line or an outline.


Close set eyes

eye shape

Close-set eyes will create the illusion of smaller eyes and more compact features. Applying darker product towards the inner corner of your eye will only accentuate how close-set they are. Instead, keep eye shadow on the outer edge of the eye and apply product lightly up from your lash line to brow. This will leave you with the bright, wide-eyed look so many of us enjoy (especially during the summer).

No matter what eye shape you have, you look absolutely beautiful. Follow these tips and you’ll definitely enhance the beauty of your eye shape.

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