Herbs And Spices That Promote Hair Growth

Herbs and spices that promote hair growth

Having long, strong and beautiful hair like those of Rapunzel is a dream that becomes almost reality. However, if you think that commercial products stuffed with chemicals substances can help you get them, you are wrong.

Forget the chemicals products and give your hair some herbs and spices that you can easily find and that promote hair growth.

Herbs and spices that promote hair growth



Use the infusion of chamomile to rinse your hair after washing it with your shampoo can promotes hair growth. It relaxes hair fibers and scalp while reducing hair loss.


You can make your own rosemary infusion by boil over low heat the leaves in the water, or simply by including it in your daily diet.

Washing your hair with this infusion can help you get rid of dandruff, which is considered to be one of the major factors in hair loss.



Horsetail is also very useful for our hair to grow faster.

Like other herbs, it can be used as an infusion to rinse your hair or in your diet.

If you wish, you can also mix it with your shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly with this mixture.

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Ginkgo biloba

When it comes to stimulating hair follicles in a natural way, ginkgo biloba can be a very good choice.

Regular application of the Ginkgo Biloba infusion to the hairline can increase the flow of blood throughout the scalp, and can significantly accelerate the growth of the filaments.

Birch oil

Birch oil is a super oil that helps us take maximum care of our hair by curbing several problems such as dandruff, itching, scalp infections and hair loss.

Combine it with your daily nutritious hair oil or add it to your shampoo for great results.


Coriander is one of the most effective spices to improve the health and growth of your hair. Include it in your diet as leaves or seeds.

You can also add coriander seed powder to your hair oil and massage your scalp with it to give you the best results by stimulating the hair follicles significantly.



Prepare your natural tonic for the hair growth by boiling a few seeds of black cumin in water, then filtering the liquid and combining it with an egg yolk.

Apply the mixture all over the scalp evenly with a cotton ball.


Sesame seeds contain two essential minerals, calcium and magnesium, vital for the growth and health of our hair fibers.That’s why taking oral sesame is also effective for our hair growth and strong.

Additional tips

Maintain a balanced diet

Ensuring that enough nutrition is provided to our body is the key to healthy hair.What you apply to your hair does not matter if your body is poorly fed.

Be sure to eat the recommended daily dose of healthy fats, protein and nutrients.

Choose the right products

The use of natural or herbal shampoos that do not contain harsh chemicals such as sulphate can be very helpful for to the health of your hair. Sulphates remove all the natural oils from your hair.

It is also advisable to buy a good conditioner without silicones for your hair.

Buy a wide-tooth wooden hair comb and a wild boar bristle brush

  • A wide teeth wooden comb will avoid static electricity. This is the perfect comb to unravel your hair.
  • Once unraveled, a boar bristle brush will help you remove the oils from the roots while making sure your hair is well nourished and protected.
  • It is also important to avoid brushing when wet, this is when your hair is most likely to break.

Never forget the conditioner

The conditioner is extremely important when it comes to increasing the health of your hair.

It is also advisable to feed them thoroughly, at least once a week, with an ultra moisturizing homemade mask.

Always wash them in cold water

The cold water helps to close the scales of the hair and assures you that they will be soft and silky. This also helps prevent the loss of moisture in your hair.

Cut them regularly

Cutting your hair every 6 to 8 weeks is vital. This will help you get rid of split ends while preventing the damage from spreading higher.

Let your hair dry in the open air

Instead of using your dryer, let your hair dry in the open air. Dry the excess water in your hair with a towel and keep it on your shoulders until they are dry.

Do not rub your hair vigorously with your towel, this can damage them.