How To Make Hair Extensions Blend With Your Hair?

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The whole point of wearing hair extensions is to change up your hairstyle but still maintain a natural look. Most people want to be able to create the illusion of longer, thicker and more lustrous hair, so it is very important that you are able to match and blend your natural hair seamlessly with your extensions.

In this guide you will find ways and tips on how to blend your hair effortlessly so that people will not be able to tell that you are wearing extensions unless they saw you beforehand and even then you can probably get away with saying that you just have a new amazing hair regime.

When deciding to get a hair extensions you will firstly need to consider a few things before you make a purchase.

What is your current hair situation?

Hair extensions are not reserved for people suffering with hair loss alone, they are suitable for the majority of the population that would simply like to change their current hairstyle. There are a few basic requirements for certain types of hair extensions that may include or exclude you from the target audience.

In general, it is suggested that you have at least 3 inches of hair before you have hair extensions done, this is so not only you can attach the hair securely, depending on the method used, but to also have enough hair to cover the bonds or cover the area where the extension meet your hair. Even if you have a sew in, you will still need to have a little hair that can be braided. If your hair is under 3 inches long, then the best option is to choose wig until it gets a bit longer.

For people suffering with hair loss, again hair extensions can be a saviour, however if you have extensive areas where the hair is patchy or very weak and fragile then having hair extensions will not be ideal as they can put extra stress on the hair and cause more breakage. If you’re not sure if you are suitable or not, it is best to consult with a stylist or a hair loss specialist who can give you advice on the best way to move forward without doing any more damage.

If you have fine or thin hair, you want to have extensions that will not put extra weight on your strands, but still have style that allows you to get the thickness and volume you desire. Tape in hair extensions offered on Canada Hair are perfect for this because the weight is distributed evenly across the weft so you don’t have to worry about breakage or your hair looking sparse.

What is your current budget for hair extensions?

We always say that hair extensions are an investment not a cost, but even still a good set of quality human hair can set you back without including the cost of installation which can vary dramatically. If money is a major factor then you can opt for a temporary style or use synthetic or lower grade hair. However remember that you get what you pay for, so if it is cheap it will probably look cheap and not last very long either. If budget is tight, we suggest clip in extensions since you install these extensions yourself. You will save money by not paying a hairstylist to have them installed on you.

Low budget: clip ins (synthetic hair/human hair) are for you if you are a hair extension newby, the best option for you is to purchase clip in hair extension as they are very inexpensive and you save money on the installation as you do at home yourself. With clip ins, you attach the hair every time you want to wear the extension and take them out before you go to sleep this means that not only are you saving money on the cost of the hair, in the long run the hair extensions will last much longer as you’re not wearing them 24 seven

Medium budget: For babes that have a little bit more cash to spare, then the semipermanent options are the next level up. You can purchase tape extensions which although may seem more costly compared to other hair types actually have the cheapest installation and then later you can reuse the hair by replacing the adhesive strips on the weft. They are the perfect for those who want a seamless transition from their natural hair to the extensions without any lumps bumps or peekaboo bond, plus the quick installation is great when you don’t have time to do your hair too often.

Sew in extensions are sometimes thought to be exclusive to African American or black hair community, however that is not the case, they are suitable for anybody who is able to have braids in their hair and is comfortable with this process. The difficulty here may be finding a stylist local to you who is able to do this style however if you live in a big city that shouldn’t be a problem at all. The cost of the hair is quite low and you’re able to reuse it over and over again as with clip ins.

High budget: If money isn’t an issue and you are able to splurge, then definitely splash out on the strand by strand methods. They provide the most realistic and natural types of hair extensions and can be customised beforehand to your colour as the hair was selected and made into individual strands. The installation probably costs the most however you will be able to wear this style the longest so you can decide if it suits your budget or not. Also in terms of styling this will give you the most versatility as you able to wear your hair in many more styles that with the other hair extension method.

Once you have chosen a method of extensions whether it is clip ins, tape, fusion or any of the others, you will then need to find a stylist to install the hair for you. A good stylist is worth their weight in gold and the selection process should be a rigorous as finding a partner, maybe even more! Always look for qualifications as examples of previous work. If you can book a consultation before hand. Arrive a little early and watch them finish the previous client, that way you get to have a live view of their work and can see if you like it. For the love of God, do not trust your sister, friend, dog to follow a youtube video and do your hair, it will end in tears. Your stylist will be able to also cut and style your extensions and give you tips on home care which will make sure your extension bonds stay hidden. Correct placement is key so also alert them to the way you wear your hair including favourite styles and partings.

Colour and shade

The easiest way to make your hair extensions blend of your natural hair is the fine the perfect colour match. In our store you can find a whole of colours from the darkest black to the lightest blonde and everything in between. It can be tricky as the colours on a screen may not show the exact colour especially if you have a low resolution device. Some place can send you samples or work on a colour coding system so you can easily find the colour you need. It is important to take into account the shade and undertones of your hair. Apart from the colour this is what will really give it its character. For example it may be cool or warm, have a golden hue or be very blue.

If you have highlights or a custom colour then finding the right match can be a little more tricky. Synthetic hair comes in the widest variety, or if you are really stuck then you can purchase your hair and have it coloured by a professional. Colouring extensions can be risky business so avoid this if you can.


Canada Hair sell Indian Remy hair extensions that have a very silky texture however as it is 100% human hair they can be manipulated to create the texture of your hair. If your hair is super straight then you can flatiron it to make it match. With curly hair you have the option of using a curling iron, doing a braid on wet hair  or even using flexi rods or rollers to get the perfect curl.

The easiest way to get your hair extensions looking like they are growing right out of your scalp is all in the preparation. A good set of hair, the best installation and style will cut out any hard work on your end. Try not to neglect these step or rush through the process as they are the most important and will save you hours in the mirror or asking friends what your hair looks like from the back.

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