Put Your Best Face Forward: A Guide to Facial Fillers

Cosmetic Medicine Fights Against Wrinkles

To age gracefully is the goal of women (and men) far and wide. The lucky few are graced with youthful genetics and will never know the gauntlet through which many men and women put themselves for the sake of beauty and self-confidence. 

To all the rest of us who are not genetic mutants of Barbie and Ken, science has given us a sort of fountain of youth. No, not the kind that you trek through the mountains to a pristine pool that reflects back to you your younger, smoother, more plump and elastic self; but the kind that live in prestigious little test tubes and are injected into the skin to create a more youthful appearance.

Facial fillers have become the go-to answer for many women and men around the world to combat signs of aging. Two of the major players in this category are Juvederm and Botox. Here we will go into some detail about each one to uncover some of the differences and help you to decide which one may be for you, if any at all.


Botox has been around for a long time and most people have heard of it. It is the most common cosmetic treatment in the US. Because it has been around for years now, there is a good understanding of how it works and its results are reliable.

Botox is a type of purified toxin that temporarily paralyzes the muscles below the skin at the injection site. The paralysis of muscles slows or prevents contractions of the muscles that are responsible for causing the lines, thus resulting in a smoother skin appearance.

Over time, this will result in fewer new lines forming in the treated areas. Many young people are starting to turn to Botox as a preventative measure, just as one would apply sunscreen to prevent getting sun damage.

Commonly, Botox is used to smooth facial lines on the forehead and around and between the eyes. A single injection will typically last at least 3 months before you need another dose. The cost has also dropped compared to some of the newer competitors on the market, which could be an incentive for choosing Botox.


Juvederm is a newer family of facial fillers and is different from Botox for several notable reasons. While Botox is injected into the muscle to impair its movement, Juvederm is a filler formulated to restore facial volume by filling and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Juvederm is a smooth soft gel, made with hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. The hyaluronic acid combines with the water in the skin to restore fullness and smooth out lines. Because it is a naturally occurring substance, it is biodegradable, meaning that the filler will break down naturally over time and disappear from your body without a trace. Juvederm typically lasts 6 or more months.

Juvederm Voluma

The newest member to join the facial filler family is Juvederm Voluma. Similar to traditional Juvederm, Voluma is also a hyaluronic acid product, but instead of combining with the water found in the skin giving you a “plump” look, Voluma mimics collagen, providing volume and lift. Voluma is used mainly in the midface to restore volume loss.

This product is perfect for creating or restoring the appearance of cheekbones (the apple) and the jawline. Full cheeks are youthful, and as we age the fat in our faces depletes, often leading to sagging, a sunken appearance, or wrinkles in our lower faces.

So Voluma rebuilds this volume in the cheeks and midface, lifting the skin upward, which helps to soften the lines that you may be experiencing around your nose and mouth. The results are subtle but amazing.

Voluma is being compared to Sculptra, but unlike Sclulptra, which requires a second round of injections several months following the first, Voluma only requires one. It’s quick, easy, effective and long lasting.

Another notable difference with Juvederm is its ability to last up to 24 months with a single treatment. It also contains lidocaine, which acts as a localized pain reliever, making the injections more comfortable. Most offices will also use a topical numbing agent, so it is virtually painless.

To wrap it up, both Botox and Juvederm boast immediate results and no downtime with minimal side effects. Both treatments are also quick and easy and proven effective. Deciding on which treatment to choose will ultimately come down to your individual cosmetic needs and which treatment you feel more comfortable with and some people may need both.

Life takes its toll on our bodies in many different ways. Often a life fully lived will start showing itself on the most public part of our bodies first, the face. Fortunately, science has made it possible to put your best face forward with a little help from your local cosmetic treatment specialist.

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