5 Summer Sandal Trends You Absolutely Need To Try Before Fall Weather Hits

Summer Sandal

One of the best things about summer and the warm weather it brings with it is that you get to wear sandals again. Sandals are always a fun way to enjoy the summer sun and add some new seasonal interest to your wardrobe. If you haven’t checked out the newest trends for sandals this year you’re definitely going to want to do that as soon as possible. 

Sandal trends tend to change at least subtly from year to year. While you can probably wear some of your looks for past years over and over, there are always ways to spice up your closet with new sandal looks too. This year’s summer looks are no exception. There are new trends to try and new ways to wear looks that have been around forever. 

Before the fall weather hits and puts an end to the summer sandal weather you’re currently enjoying, you’ll definitely want to think about giving some of these sandal trends a try. There are trends that will fit any wardrobe style out there so you’re bound to love at least a few of these options. Here are five summer sandal trends you absolutely need to try before fall weather hits.

1. Sporty Sandals As Everyday Wear

Sporty Sandals

Sporty or hiking sandals like the ones from Viakix, are a trend this year in more than just the normal expected outdoor settings. You can pair these rugged-looking sandals with just about anything to be part of this trend. Some brands, like Teva, have even adjusted some of their lines to be more friendly to the average consumer. 

Upgraded materials and looks that are less “function over fashion” are commonplace right now. You can try these sporty sandal looks out with maxi skirts or jeans, it’s all up to you. This trend is both comfortable and still very fashion-forward right now so you really can’t go wrong. If you have a lot of walking to do and you want to look trendy while making sure your feet don’t hurt, this trend is the perfect option.

2. Platform Sandals That Are Updated From Years Past

Platform sandals aren’t a new trend but the ways they’re being worn definitely are. Right now the platform sandals you can find in stores are a new twist on past ways this trend was worn. Where the 90s saw platform sandals that were tall but more tapered, the new platforms are chunky all around. 

Some looks are even incorporating a platform style sole that’s slightly larger than the actual sandal and surrounds the sandal itself making the chunky look even more prominent. It’s not that retro platforms are out, they’re a trend right now too, in their own right. But for the updated trend you’re going to want to head to store and find some new platform sandals for your wardrobe.

You’ll have quite a few platform sandal options for this trend so if you don’t like the first pair you see don’t feel discouraged. Chunky looking sport sandals, sandals that have cork-like platforms, and sandals that will look very dressy with the right outfit are all going to be options. You’ll be able to find the right platform sandal for your preferences and style without a doubt.

3. Strappy Sandals With A Fresh Minimalist Look

Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are getting a new look this season too. Thick straps from years past aren’t going to be as popular right now. Think of strappy sandals as a way to embrace some of the more popular minimalist fashion looks that are out and about everywhere you look. Strappy sandals are more prominent in “barely there” looks than ever before. 

Thin straps or even sandals that are made entirely of thin leather that ties around your foot are great ways to wear this trend. You can pair them with longer skirts or dresses to balance out a bolder overall look with shoes that don’t try to steal the show. They’ll still look great but they aren’t going to be competing with your fabulous outfit that day.

4. Bright Neon Colors That Do Steal The Show

The complete opposite of the minimalist trend is also something you need to try out. Neon colors from the late 80s and early 90s are hot right now, and not just because hot pink is one of your options. Neons are showing up all over in fashion but sometimes it’s hard to find a way to wear them without looking like you’re directing traffic. This is where sandals come in. 

If you’re not ready to try out wearing an entirely neon outfit you can still embrace this trend with the sandals you’ll be able to find in a variety of bright colors. They’ll be especially show-stopping with outfits that are more toned down until someone notices your shoes. Think of the neon sandal trend as a way you can wear a t-shirt and jeans while still looking on point. 

Neons are another sandal trend you’ll be able to find in a lot of different options. If you want to pair up two trends in one you can look for neon platform sandals or neon sandals with a more sporty look too. The ways you choose to embrace this trend are entirely up to you and you’ll look trendy no matter which option you go with.

5. Slides That Look Simple But Aren’t

Slide sandals with intricate designs that aren’t immediately obvious are also very popular right now. You can find slides with large decorative buckles, embroidered straps, or intricate woven patterns. They’ll blend into your outfit at first but stand out on their own the more someone looks at them. 

If you want to make a statement in a lasting but understated way, this look is the look for you. You can wear slides with just about anything but since these trendy options are more decorative than past years, they’ll be great for dressier outfits that need a little punch. Dressy outfits can be difficult to pair with sandals but with this slide sandal trend, you’ll be all set. 


Summer sandal trends won’t be around forever. They’ll soon be replaced with fall boots, which while fun to wear, are a whole new ball game. Before the summer weather fades it’s time to get out there and test out these fun new trends. You’ll be able to look great and enjoy the rest of your summer weather just a little more. Happy shopping!

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