How To Use Your Makeup More Often

How To Use Your Makeup More Often

Do you constantly use the same few lipstick shades although you have a huge collection? How often do you find some beautiful colors that you haven’t used just because you didn’t notice them among all the mess in your makeup drawers?

If you can relate to this problem, you’re probably obsessed with makeup. And just as any makeup lover, you love to hoard and test out new lipstick colors and formulas. That’s absolutely fine because makeup is a passion for so many people who aren’t professional artists. It’s a very interesting hobby – one that can turn you into a collector really quick.

But when does this hobby become excessive? When is enough truly enough? There’s a saying: “A girl can never have enough shoes and makeup”. But there comes a point where you have piles of unused products sitting on top of your vanity table, and this is where things get wasteful.

To put it simply – if you’re not using your makeup, you’re just throwing your money away.

So how do you fix this? Here are some things you can do to use your makeup more often.

Organize Your Stash

The first step you should take is organization. Gather all of your products together, decide which ones you will continue to use and which you’ll be throwing away – the ones that are expired or just don’t work on your skin. Next, de-clutter. Organize your drawers by categories such as “eyeshadow palettes”, “powders”, “brushes and tools” etc.

Separate your makeup essentials and store them in clear acrylic boxes – this way your makeup will be easily accessible because you can always see what’s in your storage boxes. Once your products are neatly organized, you’ll know exactly what you have and what to reach for when doing your makeup.

Display your lipsticks

The key to using your makeup more often is accessibility. If your lipsticks are tucked away in the back of your makeup drawers, you’ll forget all of your favorite colors and end up using the same couple of shades every day.

So how can you make your colors visible? Get The Swatch Chart – the canvas that will help you display all of your lipsticks right in front of you. This is a brand new tool in the beauty industry that solves the problem that most makeup lovers have: owning too many lipsticks but using the same couple of shades. The Swatch Chart is very easy to use: all you need to do is swatch your lipsticks on the blank lip shaped spots and write the details about the product on the blank lines underneath. So easy, right?

Once you swatch your lipstick collection, you’ll end up with the most original beauty room wall art – a personalized canvas that speaks volumes about your favorite shades. You’ll get to choose your own color scheme and create artwork unlike any other makeup lover in the world! This is why The Swatch Chart is so unique – it’s a lipstick poster that doubles as a visual organizer. This type of creative organizing is so helpful because once you hang the canvas on your wall it will constantly remind you of all the beautiful shades in your collection and make you use them more often!

Create New Looks

Are you stuck with the same go – to look every day? Do you reach for the same foundation, eyeshadow palette and bronzer every single day? This might be the reason why some of your makeup products are unused. We all have our favorites that we keep going back to, but sometimes we need to break the routine and give some love to all the other amazing products in our stash.

If you don’t like sudden changes, you can start slowly by changing one product a day. Next time you do your makeup, choose a different blush than your usual go – to. The next day, pick up a different eyeshadow palette or a new shade of lipstick that you completely forgot about. This slow transition will help you discover all of the gems you have just sitting there in your collection.

It will also inspire you to play with colors, formulas and textures and awaken your creative side. So, don’t be afraid to experiment – pick up your brushes and use more of the makeup products you already own!

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