3 Reasons To Consume Goji Berries To Boost Your Health

goji berries

Goji, a fruit saturated with vitamin C

Growing on foliage shrubs of Lycium Barbarum and Chinense, Goji berry, red when fresh and orange when dried, is a fruit saturated with vitamins C and nutrients and other useful elements for our organism.

Nevertheless, the world of herbal medicine and still poorly known to the general public: Here are three good reasons to consume goji berries daily!

Goji to stimulate the immune system

Reason number one: Goji berries provide the body’s main functions while protecting vital organs.

Indeed, this bay has multiple anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen and stimulate the immune system, protective properties with respect to the skin and vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, intestines or liver.

Goji promotes oxygenation of blood

In the same way, the consumption of goji berries promotes the oxygenation of the blood, a better vision while reducing visual fatigue, helping digestion, detoxification of the organism and the healing of wounds, wounds and cuts.

Finally, goji berries harmonize cardiac functions as well as sugar, lipid and cholesterol levels in the blood and improve blood circulation.

So to speak, the consumption of goji berries makes it possible to rebalance and purify all the organs and the main functions of the organism.

Goji to prevent disease

Reason number two: Goji berries: A powerful ally against a large number of diseases!

Goji berries can treat a dry or transient cough, respiratory infections, asthma, memory loss, male infertility, hypertension and hypotension problems, a transient depression or even headaches and Dizziness.

In addition, they prevent the development of tumors and cancers by decreasing the reproduction of cancer cells and have the advantage of lessening the side effects of chemotherapy.

The Goji for eye protection

The consumption of Goji berries also ensures the protection of the eyes of possible diseases which may disturb the mechanisms related to vision, including glaucoma (progressive destruction of fibers of the optic nerve) or macular syndrome ( Degradation of the macula which is located in the center of the retina and, which can cause a decrease of the view and the perception of the colors accompanied by an increased sensitivity to the light).

Finally, these over-vitamined fruits help prevent the onset of blood clots, protect you from cardiovascular disease and eliminate any urinary tract infection.

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Goji to boost your vitality

Reason number three: goji berries, a real asset of youth and vitality.

To ensure a vitality at the highest, goji berries are effective against transient and chronic fatigues, you will confer dynamism, energy and many vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6 and others).

Also know that goji berries boost libido and sexual desire both in men and women by acting as an aphrodisiac.

In addition, they have the virtues of strengthening and toning nails and hair, filling deficiencies during a diet, promoting memory and successfully reducing anxiety and stress.

Goji berries, the fruit of youth

Finally, goji berries are considered by the Tibetans to be the fruit of youth. It is indeed a potent anti-oxidant and anti-aging that prevents the degeneration of cells while retarding their ageing and slowing down the decay of neurons.

Do not hesitate to make a treatment of goji berries because they will benefit you in many areas at the same time. In addition, goji berries, fresh or dry, will perfectly accompany your cereals for breakfast as they are tasty and crispy!

You can buy goji on the Internet or in organic shops in all these forms (fresh, dried and in juice) or in pharmacy in capsules or in ampoules. The consumption of goji berries does not cause any side effects, except diarrhea in the case of overconsumption and are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

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