Benefits Of Buriti Oil

Buriti Oil

Buriti Oil gives an immediate good mine effect, but it presents many other virtues for the skin and hair.

What is Buriti oil?

Its properties

Produced from the nuts of an Amazonian palm called Aguaje, Buriti oil is particularly rich in fatty acids and carotenoids or provitamin A.

Its benefits

Buriti oil is used first on the skin. It promotes tanning and prolongs its effects, moisturizes it and protects it from ageing.

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Benefits of Buriti oil for the skin

Use Tips

Used with other hydrosols, Buriti oil moisturizes the skin while promoting tanning. It also applies in the sun. In everyday life, it for virtue to give good looks. Just add a few drops to his day cream.


  • To promote tanning: olive oil, jojoba oil, carrot essential oil.
  • For an after-sun treatment: Macérât of Calendula, Musk rose oil, essential oils of blue cypress or True lavender.
  • To feed normal or mixed skins: prickly pear, jojoba and hazelnut oils.
  • To feed dry skins: borage and rose musk oils.

Benefits of Buriti oil for hair

Use Tips

With a buriti oil capillary mask, your hair will regain vigor and shine. It will also help you maintain your color.


  • To make your hair shiny: ylang-ylang essential oil, castor oil.
  • For the maintenance of blond hair: turmeric powder, German chamomile oil.
  • For the maintenance of brown hair: chestnut henna, walnut husk.

Homemade beauty recipe with Buriti oil

A BURITI Oil balm

To bring out the tan:

Prepare a balm with shea butter, Buriti oil and bronze-coloured mica. You can also use Monoï and gold mica (if you have clearer skin).

Risks, precautions and contraindications of Buriti oil

It is very concentrated in provitamin A, so it is better to use it diluted.

Conservation mode

Dry, sheltered from heat and light.

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