Should We Eat Less Bread?


Should we eat less bread?

The Pretty French baguette are made from white flour. That’s the problem! Here are some ways to try to eat less or more at all!

The White bread Trap

White bread

Why is white bread implicated? In slices, sandwiches, toast… It’s so good! Yes, but… Be aware that the white flour with which these delicious baguettes are made is very low in fiber, on the one hand, and therefore brings only a small amount of good nutrients to the organism, on the other hand. Without fiber, your intestines are not helped for digestion and constipation problems can occur.

Even worse, this flour is made up of 85% starch, thus sugar, which leads to an addiction and a very high glycemic index. The higher the index, the higher the sugar level and the higher your insulin production rises.

Eventually, type 2 diabetes may appear. Little by little, insulin will turn this sugar intake into fat to store it… and that’s the perfect ally to gain weight!

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Whole wheat bread, why not?

Whole wheat bread

The solution would be to eat less bread short: soaked in the morning coffee, with the cheese, as a support for the aperitifs, at the snack of the children…

The less you eat, the more you will be tempted to replace it to fill our small (or big) craving. And we’ll be able to draw more easily in the basket of fruits, vegetables or dry leaks!

If one is an unconditional bread, it is better to replace it with bread made from complete flour-organic preferably because the bran contains all pesticides-or other cereals than wheat: small spelled, buckwheat, rye, barley, oats.

You will then have fibers, nutrients, and minerals and this bread will be rich for your body. These loaves have a lower glycemic index and much less gluten. Example: A 30-gram slice of oat bran bread contains a glycemic load of 6 (8 for rye bread) when the glycemic load of a normal baguette slice is 14.

How to eat less bread?

The first trick to eat less bread is to do it yourself (by hand or through machines). When you make your own bread, you are tempted to eat less simply because you don’t necessarily want to do it every day.

And then we just choose the flours that will be kneaded. It is also possible to incorporate leaven, which is better for health than yeasts, because of a lower glycemic index than that of baking yeast bread.

Alternatively, swap traditional bread for essene bread that can be found in organic stores. This type of bread does not contain gluten, flour, yeast, salt or sugar. It consists of a base of germinated grains.

This bread has the advantage of being interesting in terms of nutrient inputs. It is also very nutritious, so inevitably one eats it months.

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