3-day Off Work For “Painful Menstruation”: Would You Agree?

Painful Menstruation

Although there are people who are against this idea because they consider it to stigmatize menstruation, it is certain that some women have many problems during those days.

The Italian parliament debated in April the proposal to give 3 days of rest per month to women suffering from painful menstruation.

This idea may surprise us, it is not new.

  • In Japan, for example, this exists since 1947.
  • In Argentina, there is also the opportunity to have one day off work per month for women who need it, although it is only in some companies and in certain professional sectors.

There, in order to give an impression of openness, integration and progress, some companies have already included this right in their internal policies.

It is possible that many of our readers already have an opinion on the subject. Should women be given a few days of rest if they suffer from painful menstruation?

Some are very supportive of the idea, but there are also so many critisism. Below we will give you more information on this very interesting topic.

Work off days when having painful menstruation: information in favor

Painful menstruation and their invisibility

Irregular menstruation

Every woman is unique and has her menstruation as well as her own characteristics. Some women live their menstruation without too much pain.

  • Others can support them with one type of medication. However, some of them experience menstruation with symptoms so intense to the point of making them unable to move.
  • Gynecologists remind us that painful periods can be of two types: a first, where the cause is unknown, and a second, where there is a specific problem such as, for example, endometriosis.
  • A woman with painful menstruation sleeps badly, suffers from migraines, dysphoric syndrome (mood swings) and above all, pain that becomes the only protagonist for a few days.
  • A person suffering from this kind of symptoms is a person who can not give 100% and if it does, it is under the effect of a strong medication – which does not always work.

Initiative such as the one in Italy is also a way to put this problem under the spotlight.

It will enable, for example, many women to have a better quality of life and therefore a better productivity.

Work off days for menstruation: voices against


Menstruation should not be seen as a disease

Although this may be ironic, most of the ones against this idea are women.

  • The main arguments they make are that if we apply this norm, we will end up seeing that we no longer see menstruation as something natural, but as a disease.
  • In addition, there’s a fear that these judgments may be an excuse for many companies to not employ women, as no one will can tolerate having an employee who goes off work every month for a few days.
  • At a time when women are offered positions in our society, we are very suspicious of this type of law in feminist groups that seek above all to work in equal conditions.

The need to take action on this

If Italy wanted to open the debate in April, it was because of a very concrete fact: women who suffer from dysmenorrhea have regular off work days.

It is a reality, it is not a form of discrimination and we do not pretend to put labels. What they wanted was to put in place a certain mechanism with which, by respecting and choosing the right terms, we would seek a solution.

Possible proposals

The painful rules are incapacitating, it is an obvious reality that one must not ignore.

  • The ideal would undoubtedly be to obtain a good diagnosis of the reasons for this intense pain and also to know that thanks to a sanitary, pharmacological or strategic point of view, one could have a better quality of life.
  • For its part, the possibility of having a few days of rest per month is always better. However, as in Japan, every woman is free to use them or not.
  • Some months it will be necessary to have a day because the body does not respond because it is impossible to perform its work.

However, in some months they may be productive and they will not need a break.

As we said, every woman experiences her menstruation differently, and putting this subject under the spotlight is a must.

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