8 Things To Never Do At The Gym

The Gym

Even though this seems to be basic politeness standards, it is always good to remember what to avoid doing at the gym. Always put yourself in the shoes of others and think about it.

If you go regularly to the gym, you surely already have a series of habits but be careful as they may not be the most appropriate!

Check out this, take note of this list of things to never do in such a place.

As you know, good manners must always be in order!

Even though there are days when the gym is crowded, it does not mean that we should forget the rules of politeness when there are few people.

1. Leave equipment full of sweat


It’s common sense. Do not leave the equipment full of sweat.

For this, do not forget to always take a towel with you to wipe away sweat. In addition, it will also be used to clean the seats and brackets once you have finished your session.
Do not forget that a large part of them are leather and that the sweat does not evaporate: you have to remove it yourself.

2. You’re on the equipement but you’re not using it

There are often people waiting for the equipment to be free, and once they get their hands on it, they do not use it. If you’re not going to use it, leave the room for someone who will.

Do not use the equipment as chairs, because you could waste time of others!

3. Be careful with the phone!

Many people go to the gym with their cell phones and answer calls. You have to pay attention to that.

Do not shout, because you might disturb others. Think that many people are there to relax mentally.
On the other hand, if you take your phone with you to listen to music, do not forget your headphones because everyone probably does not want to listen to the same thing as you.

4. Take over the equipment

Remember that equipment are for everyone and you can not take them too long.
While this may seem obvious, this is one of the most annoying problems we encounter at the gym. Do not make this mistake!
If you see that there are people waiting, do not take forever to move.

5. Leave the weights in the middle of the room

Like any object in your home, at the gym, do not let things in the middle of the room. This often happens with weights .

Remember that weights have a place where they are arranged,they can hurt or cause someone to fall if they are all over the floor.
Once you have used them, put them back in their place.

6. Arriving late

Just like an appointment or work, it is not good to arrive late. It is a lack of manners so do not do it during a gym session
Maybe you will have to make your way among the people who are already immersed in the session.

You will distract people who attend the activity. It is best to avoid it, as far as possible.

7. Watch out for showers!

Maybe at home you have some showering habits, but remember that the gym is not your home. Avoid walking naked in the locker room for half an hour, if the others avoid doing it.

On the other hand, if you have to shave, do not leave the shower full of hair or residue.
Be aware that other people will pass behind and leave the place exactly how you would like to find it when you arrive.

8. Shouting or complaining

There are people who make strange noises, and who touch the limit of authorized decibels.
Remember that many people go to the gym to concentrate, to spend a moment with themselves and it’s pretty unpleasant when others shout around them.
Of course, if you’re tired, do not complain. There is nothing more unpleasant.

Think about what you could do to not exhaust yourself and if you really feel tired, do not do it! In any case, do not complain.

Silence is your ally

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