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How Vitamin C Serum Fades Dark Spots

How Vitamin C Serum Fades Dark Spots

Dark spots, or hyperpigmentations, are the annoying pest of the beauty world. They can crop up anywhere on the body, but are especially annoying...

Things You Should Do To Prepare For Your Waxing Appointment

Let’s be honest with ourselves guys and gals, waxing is not fun. But, it’s an effective hair removal technique that doesn’t involve an extra...
Blonde Hair Between Appointments

Top 4 Tips For Taking Care Of Blonde Hair Between Appointments

We’ll say it only once, but blondes do have more fun whether you’re platinum or strawberry. The upkeep can be less fun though, and...
Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers: Preparing For Your First Appointment

The year is 2020. Hot trends include 90s claw clips, TikTok, oversized sweaters, and soft pillowy lips. Kylie Jenner was primarily responsible for elevating...

Microneedling For Beginners

What Is Microneedling? Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure for the face which was invented in 1995. It’s become particularly popular since 2014 when Kim Kardashian-West...

Your Ultimate Guide To Sculptra: A Popular Way to Fight Signs of Aging

Signs of aging strike fear in the hearts of even the most confident amongst us. While some may thank their youthful genes, many of...
How To Use Your Makeup More Often

How To Use Your Makeup More Often

Do you constantly use the same few lipstick shades although you have a huge collection? How often do you find some beautiful colors that...
Everything a Makeup Vanity Set Should Have

Everything a Makeup Vanity Set Should Have

I’m not lying when I say that every beauty routine requires some organization and takes a lot of time to prepare and later store...
Coconut Oil For Hair

The 5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair & How To Use it

In recent years coconut oil has grown its popularity among beauty brands, that started to incorporate it into their products, especially hair care products....
Cosmetic Medicine Fights Against Wrinkles

Put Your Best Face Forward: A Guide to Facial Fillers

To age gracefully is the goal of women (and men) far and wide. The lucky few are graced with youthful genetics and will never...

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8 Things You Must Have In Your Beauty Salon Brochure

When you have a beauty salon, you must do your best to market it as widely as possible. OF course, you’ll opt for online...

How To Style Spring’s Hottest Accessory: Statement Hats

Looking for a fashionable add-on or weather-conscious outerwear? Either way, hats are this spring’s hottest accessory. Throughout history, hats have served the dual purpose...
best medispa

A Guide to Choosing the Right Medispa for You

The modern world is full of beauty treatments to help us look and feel our best. You may find it difficult to select the...

6 Common Shapewear Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Shapewear can give you an extra boost of confidence while wearing a favorite dress, pantsuit, blouse or other items in your wardrobe. But, with...

Botox beauty treatments: what you need to know before you go under the needle

Botox treatments are a way to get rid of wrinkles, lines and creases in the skin. It is a common treatment that can be...