Top 5 Best Celebrity Eyebrows Hollywood Has Ever Seen


We know it takes a village to get celebrities ready, especially during the red carpet events. But history had witnessed some of the worst celebrity eyebrows to which we considered a whole article ” WORST CELEBRITY EYEBROWS “.
Today, we will enlist the top 5 best celebrity eyebrows Hollywood has ever seen.

5. Zendaya

celebrity eyebrows
Zendaya’s is the definition of “on fleek”, especially her eyebrow game. And according to her makeup artist, the key for achieving good eyebrows is: get to know your eye shape and from that determine which brow shape it goes with it.  Fill them up well, and end the process with a bit of a brow wax to keep everything in place.

4. Rihanna

celebrity eyebrows
Unlike her old brows, who were thin and high ( don’t blame her, blame the trend LOL) Rihanna’s brows are now much natural looking and neat, with soft arch near the end. It frames perfectly her face.

3. Emma Watson

celebrity eyebrows
Not super tick or super thin, her eyebrows are just in between. She once admitted that she hated her strong eyebrows. But thankfully for her the trend is now in her favor.

2. Taylor Hill

celebrity eyebrows
Blessed with amazing genes, Taylor recently shared her secret to her glorious looking brows. The secret is: doing absolutely nothing to them. She don’t shape at all. she jut let them grow and do their thing.

1. Lily Collins

celebrity eyebrows

Natural thick eyebrows are still trendy to this moment, and the celebrity that has been blessed in the brow department is: Lily Collins.
Her dark thick eyebrows compliments her hazel eyes. She may have a baby face, but her brows take her look from baby to fierce.