Fat Dissolving Injections, The Ultimate Solution For Double Chin

Fat Dissolving Injections

Will Fat Dissolving Injections Work for Me?

Nothing is more nerve racking than a double chin. Whether your chin is chubby because of some extra weight, dramatic weight loss or even genetics, liposuction or fat dissolving inject-able can be the perfect solution. And you’ll forever say goodbye to double chin.

You can get rid of your double chin. And the good news is there’s another option other than liposuction or surgery. There’s a new procedure that’s called : fat dissolving injections, very effective when it comes to getting rid of the  double chin, and a lot of people swear by it.

Fat Dissolving Injections

If you were scared to get under the knife for the sake of getting rid of you double chin  then Fat dissolving injections are a good option. Liposuction or a surgical neck lift is bigger as a procedure and may coast even more. Plus these two procedures need special care especially after being done. Fat dissolving injections only takes one or 2 days maximum, so recovery time is extremely fast.

There’s a medicine, called Belkyra, was recently approved from Australia. It’s injected under the chin. But keep in mind this injections are under prescription. You will also need to have several sessions of injections to see the best results.

One thing you should know, the results are not instant, you’ll notice results within two sessions. Normally you can have a session every 15 days. But your dermatologist will be the one to determine how many sessions you’ll need.

How Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work

It work in just like bile. Actually, Belkyra is a synthetic form of bile. Bile interrupts fat production by disrupting the fat cells, and then the fat gets digested by the body. That destruction of the fat cells is considered as a form of injury, for that reason, the body produces collagen and rejuvenate the skin’s elasticity under your chin.

Just any other procedure fat dissolving injections  do have some risks. Do your research, and find a good dermatologist, don’t be afraid to ask any question in your consultation. And read reviews from patients who got this injection.

The Future of Fat Dissolving Injections

For the moment, fat dissolving injections are only injected under your chin. But doctors now think about a possibility to trigger other fat pockets whether in the chest area or any part of your body, and hopefully one day the’ll be commercialized.

Contact your dermatologist and get more information about fat dissolving injections, and don’t rush. You have nothing to lose but your chubby chin.