Things You Need To Take Care About After Microblading


If you have never heard about microblading, then it’s referred to as a procedure to improve the appearance of the eyebrows. In some situations, it is also known by the name, ‘micro-stroking’ or ‘feather touch’.

A trained individual usually takes care of microblading. They might not be authorized to carry out the procedure, but the task might be delegated depending on the state. With the help of a special tool, the individual organizes the hair of the eyebrow. In order to enhance the visual appeal and the texture, the procedure comprises of numerous gentle strokes.

Due to the effect lasting for one to one and a half year, today, many women prefer to go for microblading. But, since microblading can damage the topmost layer of the skin, great care should be taken once you the expert is done with the procedure.

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How to take care of the skin after microblading

It’s quite simple when you are concerned about skincare after microblading. You may find it very much similar to skincare once a tattoo is etched. As the pigment is implanted, it appears dark in color while underlying skin boasts a red color shade. Soon after a duration of two hours when the expert is done with microblading, it’s always better to dab the skin around the eyebrow with a cotton swab. But, before taking a step forward, make sure you dip the cotton swab in sterilized water. Within a week or so, the skin would certainly be healed and the pigment would start fading away and show a regular shade.

In case you are very much concerned about your skin, then here are the steps you need to follow

Step 1 Always keep the area around the eyebrows dry. This means that it shouldn’t be exposed to water droplets for 10 days. Once you have taken a shower, it’s advisable to keep the face dry. Use a soft piece of cloth to wipe your face dry.

Step 2 Never apply makeup for at least a week. You might put on some makeup to enhance the beauty and make the eyebrows look more attractive, but the remnants of pigments may tend to react with the powder. Even though you have dabbled the eyebrows with sterilized water, pigments do settle in shallow cuts of the skin.

Step 3 Never think about scratching the area with your finger in case of skin irritation. Besides, you should stay still if the eyebrow scabs. You may apply a moisturizer or lotion to alleviate the sensation, but don’t forget that a reaction might occur due to traces of pigments.

Step 4 Unless and until you are confident that the area is completely healed, you should avoid swimming inside a pool. Moreover, avoid taking a steam bath just to refresh your body. In case you do so, then perspiration can lead to something more serious.

Step 5  Never let your hair touch the eyebrows. So, once you start facing problems due to microblading, it’s better to cut your hair much above the brow line.

Step 6 As you seek advice from the technician, it’s always better to apply a healing balm or a cream with natural ingredients. If you don’t what you need to purchase, then it’s better to speak with the doctor once you visit the clinic.

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Maintenance Tips you ought to follow

Tip 1 Most technicians suggest touching up the eyebrows which have been enhanced with a microblade. Ask the beautician to touch up the brows at least once in a year. A touch up basically involves adding pigment to contours of the eyebrows.

Tip 2 After you feel that the skin has been healed, you need to maintain the effect owing to microblading. Refrain from applying a sunscreen lotion because the area would then take a lot of time to fade away. Microblading may seem permanent, but at some point in time, it’s likely to fade. As compared to brow tattooing, fading occurs at a much faster rate. This is because of the presence of pigments in smaller amounts.

Tip 3 Once you’re done with the initial procedure, you should not invest in microblading for two years. Instead, it’s a good idea to go through the entire procedure once again when two years have lapsed.

Finally, stay alert if the skin appears dark red and you see a yellow-tinged discharge oozing out from the area. Visit the doctor immediately because such an occurrence indicates infection around the area. Take antibiotics regularly so that the infection subsides and it doesn’t affect body parts.

As for the technician, you should make sure that he or she has an occupational license issued by the health department. Feel free to move out if the technician is not using a new tool for microblading.