How To Prevent Vomiting and Throwing Up Bile Effectively

How To Prevent Vomiting and Throwing Up Bile Effectively

Vomiting and throwing up bile are problems that occur in your digestive tract.
The cause of nausea or bile reflux disease often has many different causes.

Digestive problems often affect the quality of life, the habits and especially the
health of the sick person. At what levels do you get different, that you can treat
yourself at home, or ask a doctor.

Therefore, understanding the cause and treatment, you will no longer worry when
you feel your body speaks again. The following article will give you some typical
ways to stop vomiting and throwing up bile effectively.

Treatments for throwing up bile

Healthy life and science are always a good way to save healthy. It is also the
premise to improve some symptoms of vomiting and throwing up bile.

Dietary change: You should change your diet. Eating some foods that are not good
when you suffer from digestive diseases is very necessary. The distribution of
respite and activity after eating is quite important since eating the stomach requires
some time to empty. Many people who exercise or lie down immediately after
eating will have an adverse effect on the digestive system.

Some foods should be avoided if you want to stop vomiting and throwing up bile
effectively, such as high-fat foods, caffeine, high vitamin C fruit vegetables, spicy
foods, carbonated beverages, sweet,…

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Stay away from alcoholic beverages and caffeine. The use of them will cause the
esophagus to be stimulated, while at the same time toxic to the liver. At the time,
acid reflux, vomiting and throwing up bile will have happened.

Quitting smoking: If you have a habit of smoking, stop. The smoking area will
cause the saliva to dry out and the stomach will produce acid more. As the esophagus is vulnerable to the increase in the ability to throwing up bile and acid

Relaxation: Stress will hinder and slow down digestion, which can aggravate the
reflux symptoms of bile. Try to rest; relaxation is very effective in reducing the
symptoms of the disease.


Choose a tilt bed: The slightly elevated bed head, or slightly above the head, is a
way to minimize reflux. When you lie down, you should rub your abdomen in a
clockwise direction, which is also a helpful measure to help you feel better.

Surgical treatment: If you notice symptoms of vomiting or throwing up bile, acid reflux is more serious.

All methods and prescriptions are ineffective. At that time you have to find
a specialist and perform surgery to treat this disease. Roux-en- Y surgery and anti-
reflux surgery are two common methods.

Effective treatment of vomiting

Nutritional supplement

Once the nausea is accompanied by a cold sweat, you should be aware that your
body may be short of sugar and salt in the blood. At this point, to stop vomiting,
you need to add salt and sugar to the body directly or indirectly by sipping a cup of
hot tea or a glass of mineral water. And you will surprise with the effect that this
treatment of vomiting.

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You can perform the stress with a moderate force in the middle of your index
finger and thumb, and your vomiting disappears very quickly. However, this
method only works for some people.
Outdoor breathing fresh air is an effective way that is very simple.

Chewing a few ginger or mint will help you fight vomiting extremely effectively.
Or when you feel uncomfortable, you can drink a little ginger tea or chew gum
mint is also a good way.


Vomiting and throwing up bile are a common disease that makes many people feel
uncomfortable. At each level and complication, the disease has a different way of
treatment. If you want to stop vomiting and throwing up bile effectively, do not
ignore the information we have shared above. It is very useful and necessary
information for you in some special cases.