5 Tips to Get Rid of the Lower Back Pain

5 Tips to Get Rid of the Lower Back Pain

It is estimated that more than 80% of the adults face persistent signs of the lower back pain, at least once in the life and around 31 million people struggle against these conditions in Amerika. Due to the high rate of prevalence – either due to the weaker muscles or nerve pain or any other reason – there has always been keen research on finding the ways to get rid of the lower back pain. Few of these are given below:

Think positive

As the lie becomes stressful, your mind develops anxiety and also this leads to tightening of your muscles. This can trigger the pain in lower back or make the existing pains worse. More you feel the pain; higher will be the cut back from your regular life routine. Thus it is important to find out what can release your stress and relax you. Turn your negative thoughts positive and de-stress your mind by any means that suit you.

Keep moving

One of the best ways for avoiding the lower back pain is to keep your body moving by the regular exercising. A study shows that those who had pain in their back and go for 2 to 3 exercise classes or worked out at their homes have reduced the risk of the pain for next year by around 45%. Exercise helps to make your muscles stronger while reducing depression, overcoming fatigue and sleep disorders – all these things can be a cause of back pain.

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Here is a term used as hyperextensions, which involves the back exercises that can be helpful to eliminate the backaches. Exercise on a hyperextension machine make your lower back muscles stronger. These exercises raise the flexibility of lower back and reduce the risk of having injuries.

Soft Tissue Therapy

The soft tissue techniques like the Graston massages or therapies and active release therapies can help for treating and avoiding the long and short-term problems of lower back without the usage of the drugs (or may use medications sometimes for sooner relief). Soft tissue techniques aid in treating the underlying reasons for the back pain like bad posture, weaker muscles or muscular compensations.  

Use the tunes

Tunes can help in releasing the good hormones and can trigger the emotions which make your brain’s portion slower that is responsible for processing the pains. In fact, the severe pain sufferers fee 21% decline in pain sensations after a week of listening to the soothing music for just 60 minutes per day. Higher will be the tuning to the soothing songs; more will be the advantages. Choose the music which calms you down and plays it on.


Fish oil (2,000 mg per day): taking the doses of the omega three fish oil can reduce the inflammation and lower back muscles soreness.  

MSM (2,000 to 8,000 mg per day): It is an anti-inflammatory drug which contains a high amount of sulfur supplements that help in rebuilding cartilage.

Essential oils: The essential oils like wintergreen and peppermint oil are the efficient analgesics which heal the inflamed joints and back pains.

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