8 Tips For Healthy Nails

Tips for Healthy Nails

You think you don’t have enough time to take care of your nails, here are simple tips to apply on a daily basis.

1. Moisturize Your Nails

The brittle fingernails are actually the victims of desiccation. To avoid this problem, you have to hydrate them! By applying, in the form of light massage, moisturizing cream at the nail bed and cuticule.

This routine activates the circulation.Thus, the nail is more resistant to daily aggressions. It is advisable to do this at least once a day, preferably in the evening when the nails are no longer exposed to external shocks.

2. Careful of the soaps you use when washing!

Tips For Healthy Nails

The more you wash your hands, the more you damage your fingernails. Indeed, the water softens them. In the end, they split and end up breaking.

For reminder, the total regrowth of a fingernail of the hands takes six months, and for those of the feet, it takes a year!

If you want to keep beautiful hands, be vigilant and because hygiene is just as important, use soaps with hydrating properties, and wear gloves when doing the dishes!

3. Lemon to whiten the nails

We often hear that lemon,helps to whiten the nails, but their effects are ephemeral. If you opt for these solutions, you have to be careful not to let your nails soak for too long.

The nails can then soften and become brittle! In fact, to effectively prevent the yellowing of the nails, it is better to avoid smoking (tar destroys the natural flora) and low quality nail polish.

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4. For pretty nails, have a balanced diet!

To have beautiful nails, it is necessary to opt for  balanced diet! The latter have, in fact, need different elements and vitamins to optimise the growth of  healthy nails.

Opt for foods that are rich in vitamin B (wheat germs, beer yeast, egg yolk), vitamin C (fresh fruit, citrus fruits, green peppers), silicon (vegetables) and protein (meat).

Finally, avoid diets that often cause deficiencies.

5. Think about food supplements!

Taking food supplements can be a plus, but be careful not to choose any one. It is better to opt for the rich in zinc, iron, sulfur, gelatin and silicon, because they participate in the growth and the protection of the nail.

A cure of three months renewable, without cumulating them: either supplements that combine all these trace elements, or one of these active principles.

6. Manicure, yes, but in moderation

Manicure can be the cause of bad nails, so be careful. By cleaning the underside of the nails, you can take them off (even slightly), and promote the penetration of microbes.

In the end, fungal infections can develop! So you have to clean them, but without digging!

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7. Limit the use of nail polish

The varnish protects the nails from external aggressions. But you have to leave them from time to time to breathe (without nail polish), and use a nail polish remover without acetone (to avoid drying the nails).

To harden your nails, just add a bit of garlic juice to the nail polish! Finally, the use of fake nails should remain only occasional, because they can cause allergies.

8. Taking care of your nails

Do not cut the cuticles or take off.This could cause you an infection. It is best to use special oils or creams to remove dry skin around the cuticles. Use an orange stick and gently push them with delicacy.

Finally, try to include your nails into your skin care routine, people tend to care about the face and they often forget the fingernails!

Next time you put on  face mask, apply a thick layer of vaseline on your hands and nails, that way you will hit 2 birds with one stone.