Foods To Avoid Before Bed

foods to avoid before bed

In order not to gain weight or enjoy a peaceful sleep, it is necessary to check the food of the dinner. Here are some foods to avoid before bed !

The content of your evening plate influences the quality of your sleep and your line! In the evening, the body tends to store fat.

In the evening, we should eat light

In the evening, the body will store fat and even turn the sugar into fat at the belly, hips and buttocks. It makes sense, because the body does not need a lot of energy during sleep.

And when you eat too much fat, digestion becomes difficult and can disturb your sleep: spasms, cramps, gas, acidity… It is better to eat little and thus avoid having a heavy belly.

We even recommend not eating dinner until you’re completely full.

“Eat Like a king in the morning, like a prince at noon and as a poor in the evening,” does that mean anything to you? This proverb is wise. Also try to dine at least two hours before bedtime.

Digestion will then be well initiated and this habit reduces considerably the acidity and other gastric reflux felt once lengthened.


Foods to avoid before bed

Who has not already had a little dip before bedtime and did not throw himself on a bowl of cereal? Most of us are convinced that this is a light and healthy choice compared to a sweeter treat or something heavier. Unfortunately, most of our favorite breakfast cereals are full of added sugars.

Sugar can have a negative impact on your sleep structure because of its effect on your blood glucose level. When blood glucose levels fluctuate, it can pull you out of deep sleep, and make you feel drowsy and disoriented the next day.

If you absolutely have to eat cereal, opt for those with a low sugar content such as wheat cereal Shredded Wheat or oatmeal.

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Spicy Dishes

A homemade curry or Thai soup may seem like an inviting choice for a late soup, but as surprising as it may seem, spicy or acidic foods can affect your sleep.

This is mainly due to their effect on your digestive system since spicy dishes can cause symptoms associated with acid reflux and, in the most extreme cases, side effects such as diarrhea.

Scientists have already advanced the idea that capsaicin, an active substance present in red chili, could also affect your sleep by changing your body temperature during the night.

This is not to say that spicy dishes are fundamentally bad: some spices like turmeric are considered to have countless beneficial health properties and most of these dishes contain a large amount of vegetables.

As long as it is not a ready-to-go meal, I would not remove the spicy dishes, but I would rather recommend eating them at lunch rather than at the evening!

Avoid too greasy, too salty dishes

Foods to avoid before bed

In the evening, no question of eating fried foods (fries, nuggets, chips……). In general, it is better to flee them to keep the line as they contain lipids.

In the evening, it should be a no no for the whole family! Similarly, cold cuts, red meats-very high in protein-and cheeses should be avoided at dinner to avoid having digesting at night and storing fats.

Other advice, on the fish side. Fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon) are certainly good for health but, once again, too fat for the evening. Prefer the so-called Skinny fish: Colin, cod, etc. Also avoid pizzas and pasta, rich in gluten and therefore difficult to digest.

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Be careful of foods that are too sweet

The desserts… It’s hard not to resist ! In the evening, if you really want to finish on a sweet note, why not opt for a herbal tea (chamomile or lime) flavored with honey?

This last one will guarantee you a peaceful sleep and a really restful rest. If you receive friends, pastries will probably invite you to your table.

Keep in mind that this must remain occasional and do not reserve!

Finally, be aware that ice creams are to be avoided no matter what. They are transformed into fats and eventually turns into weight. The sorbet is less fatty, better for health, but do not overdo it, it is very sweet.

Latest tips? Avoid alcohol, coffee, white bread, dairy and chocolate (except black and strong in cocoa). All these efforts will help you keep the shape and bring benefits to the whole body.